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K man I’ve been binge eating junk food out of stress and I feel like such shit afterwards. Not as in guilt, but physically my chest(?) hurts. Could be excessive sodium intake or heartburn lol? Either way I am in deep regret and discomfort rn and I’m writing this post so I’ll look back on it and remember not to buy any more junk food because this pain is not worth anything, euuuughh.

CVD is the #1 killer of the world anyway

❝My anaconda! DON’T!!!!❞
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b00kukan lol I’m glad I’m not alone in this feeling, it’s v bizarre and I dont think I’ve talked to anyone else who’s felt similarly ;~;

I know it’s really stupid and I should have my shit together more but I’ve been genuinely thrown off the whole week by the protests in Hong Kong. I don’t like the misinformation going around among nah guo ning, I don’t like what a lot of my younger family from the mainland are saying about them, I don’t like that this makes me so viscerally uncomfortable due to being mainland Chinese but wanting to support HK. Honestly I’m being a huge pissbaby about this but it raises a lot of tough questions about my political stances in relation to my identity, and it never fucking helps that white people are always like “oh wow your government/people are so bad!” IDK, this always happens every goddamn time the CCP fucks something up lmao…….

At the end of the day I do not matter though. I’ll continue to spread info about the protests and be supportive to my friends & their families.

I was already annoyed at people mistaking Hong Kongers putting up their hands as an act of solidarity with the protests in Ferguson— it’s not. The protestors are trying to avoid violent treatment from a political entity that is frankly known for its harsh treatment/abuse/murder of protesters and dissidents. But like, whatever, people make mistakes.

But people going “fuck you Hong Kongers, this is appropriation/a sign of ‘violence on black bodies’” need to BACK THE FUCK OFF AND DO SOME RESEARCH, the world is not U.S.-centric so think for a motherfucking second before YOU disrespect the struggles of other people. I fucking hate that some high profile online activists have made statements like this because now it’ll just perpetuate misinformed criticism of an important movement that is already shittily understood


look at this cop-hating suffragette kitty 


look at this cop-hating suffragette kitty 

i cant make bumbrella spooky. how do i do it? boobrella just sounds like i am talking about boobs. 



Li Bingbing in L’OFFICIEL China October 2014 issue

'Transformers 4' and 'Resident Evil' star Li Bingbing covers the latest L'OFFICIEL China. She looks absolutely stunning in this traditional Chinese styled editorial with bright skin, elegant hairdo and classic red lips. 

photographer: sunjun

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